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About 10.digital and its Digital Marketing services

What you should know before deciding to work with us_

We didn’t start out as a branding and digital transformation agency. In fact, we were not even called 10.digital!

We started in Coimbra in 2012, with only two people. The purpose was to release a specific training software for companies. And we failed.

Since then, we have learned a lot: we understood the importance of the digital world and the impact it has on companies. We have studied really hard on the subject and we collected some clients who have become references in the area (we are responsible for all the online strategy of Licor Beirão since 2014, for example). We became specialists in digital marketing.

This way, we decided we could put this experience in the digital world not only with high consumption brands, but with B2B products and launching new startups for more people as well. That’s why we created the 10.digital brand, on October 2016.

But we would not repeat the same mistake we did in 2012: we invested in a low-cost website and created a digital strategy to transform leads into clients; then, we transformed the clients into business partners. This time, our launching strategy was working.

And that triumph brought us to a new phase: we hired experts in different areas, created new departments, increased the team and became able to develop integrated solutions.

Today, we know that by combining creativity to technology we can improve companies and society.

That’s why we’re still here, stronger than ever. With a few more campaigns we’re proud of. With more satisfied customers. With a bigger and better team. With an integrated vision between online and offline.

With the same desire to help create your brand and use technology to improve your business, helping you not to make the mistakes we made at the beginning of our company.

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It is better to warn you now_

Digital Marketing 10 digital We are not cheap
We are not cheap
but we always focus on your return

The best way of stealing a client is by charging a price that would never allow us to make a job capable of creating return. Since we started, we have learned that the saying is right: the cheap comes out expensive — either for us, who leave an unsatisfied client; or for the clients, who pay little but have no return on the investment.

Digital Marketing 10 digital We will not give you a hand on your TV ad
We are not great at everything
but we know how to create brands and help you in the digital transformation of your company

Making videos? Street activations? We can advise you on the best partners, but we don’t do it internally. After all, it’s important to know where our knowledge starts and ends, right? We build on our digital history to create integrated strategies for your brand. We have specialists in: Web Design, Web Development, Online Advertising in Google AdWords (Search, YouTube, Display, Mobile), Content Marketing and Digital Creativity, Social Network Management, Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bing, Motion Design, Graphic Design, Data Science, Copywriting, Data Analysis, eCommerce, Community Management… It is by joining the knowledge we have in these areas that we promise to make a difference.

Digital Marketing 10 digital We do not have salespeople
We do not have salespeople
nor sell a pig in a poke!

Whoever talks to you on behalf of 10.digital, will know what they are talking about and how to implement what they are selling to you. We do not like the "glass in the hand" and we do not believe that" everything is sellable". We will only make you a proposal if we feel we can give you return.

Marketing Digital 10 digital Não gostamos do cliente que não chateia
We do not like the "client who does not bother"
we like to be put to the test

We search for the solutions others cannot find. We insist on delivering monthly work reports, because we like clients who demand from us. Clients who ask what are the indicators, and why are they that way. We like to be a part of your team. Being your digital marketing department does not mean we like to work accommodated and with a guaranteed client. This means you can count on us to test, measure, analyze, and continuously improve your strategy. Always with proposals that solve the problems we have identified – with our eyes on your short, medium and long-term return.

The team you will be able to work with_

Have we already told you we do not like show-off?

Yes… Forget the black and white photo, the crossed arms with the executive look, or the artistic photos like "the creatives" do, followed by fancy titles and impressive résumés.

Here at 10 we are 4 Joões, 4 Pedros, 4 Filipes, 2 Gonçalos, 1 Mário, 1 Diogo, 1 Rafael, 1 Rui, 1 Aníbal, 1 Ernesto, 1 Bernardo, 1 Nuno, 1 Édi, 1 Constança, 1 Valter, 1 Rafaela, 1 Solange, 1 Caio, 1 Oluwapelumi, 1 Tiago, 1 Bruno, 1 Afonso e 1 Paulo. We are who we are because we believe in the value of a true team.

And because of that, we will not talk about what the youth and enthusiasm of someone who is starting can do when joined with the experience of someone who has developed the first Portuguese video game.

Here at 10.digital formality and informality walk hand in hand, and that is one of the best things we have: being not only a work team but friends as well, who at one moment are talking about a serious matter and the next are complaining because someone stole a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that’s impossible to finish.

- A summer trainee after a month of experience at 10.digital

Essentially, this is it. We know there is a space and a moment for everything at 10: for each one of us to grow, to fail, to learn and even to make a jigsaw puzzle, play ping-pong or go grab a drink together.

We celebrate all the achievements of each client as if they were our own and we suffer with each one of their problems. It doesn’t make much sense to speak of each one of us, because regardless of who bridges the gap between the client, they’ll always have access to an entire team ready to contibute and improve your company.

How we work_

  • Initial Meeting

    We meet with those in charge of the company, in order to understand its strategy or the goal of the specific project they are making us a part of;

  • Strategy Proposal or Action Plan

    Digital Strategy Proposal Start Working - If the client wants to work with us, we meet to determine the working processes (we adapt to the needs of each client) and we clarify all doubts, which allows us to work with small project management costs for the client;

  • Implementation

    We meet the team, plan our work according to what was agreed with the client and carry out the action plan, with an enormous concern for meeting the agreed deadlines;

  • Monitoring and Measurement

    We measure the results of all the campaigns and projects we develop. This is the only way we can improve the results;

  • Report and Improvements

    We present periodic reports and suggestions for improvement of the work to the client. And, with this, we are growing together.

I’m not sure if you are the right company for us.
Your tone is too humorous and we are a more serious company.

- The typical skeptical client

Yes, we have heard that a few times.
That’s why it’s important to clarify some things:

  • We only use a humorous communication if that is the client’s tone of communication;
  • Whenever we make a joke, we previously think what do we want with it and then we decide the indicators that will allow us to evaluate its success or failure;
  • We are creative, but not a creative agency. We are guided by numbers and we propose creative solutions to achieve them with lower costs;
  • We believe in processes: we have begun as a startup and keep a "startup" approach to our management. Even on more creative areas, such as the marketing one, we have adapted the SCRUM system to our needs and maintain periodical Sprint meetings on which we plan all our work regularly;
  • We believe in the importance of timing: we work on digital marketing so we know that sometimes it is better to have something good right now than something perfect tomorrow;
  • We believe in a creative environment, but one that requires constant evaluation. We ask clients to formally evaluate us at least once a year. We have quarterly evaluations of the team to ensure that we are delivering the best to our clients. We are not perfect, but we are always looking to correct what we are not at the level we intend to deliver.

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