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Can you imagine the marketeer with the crossed legs on the table, the one from the siesta after lunch and the fun brainstormings?

The Developer who has 6 months to make a project?

The Designer with a month to create conceptual work?

Forget about it! You’ll have to create campaigns in an hour. You’ll have to develop apps and websites for yesterday. You’ll have to create images and designs in 5 minutes. And you will have to link all these areas to create digital campaigns that impact offline.

There will be jokes. A lot of jokes. A lot of ping-pong. A lot of jigsaw puzzles. A lot of Marketeer magazines. A lot of digital marketing. A lot of ideas. A lot of Dev. A lot of design. A lot of demand. A lot of determination. A lot of work. A lot of pressure.

Forget the enchanted world of advertising: here at 10 we feel the company as being our own, so we demand a lot from each other. The level of demand is “too damn high!”.

But if this does not scare you, continue: we know we all need space and time to make mistakes and to grow with them. We give you the perfect conditions to make said mistakes in a safe way and to grow, in an awesome work environment.

Before you apply, learn a little more About Us and get to know better Our Work. And then, yes, go for it!

We are waiting for you!

Building the Digital at 10 digital


Vacancy on Back-End Developer (M/F) at 10digital.

Back-End Developer (M/F)

Coimbra, Portugal
Are Python / Django (or an alternative technology) and SQL your beach? When you hear about PostgreSQL, Go, Memcached, Redis, or Hg / Git you don’t need to open Google? And besides that, you enjoy Ping Pong or football? This position can be yours.
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Vacancy on Front-End Developer (M/F) at 10digital.

Front-End Developer (M/F)

Coimbra, Portugal
We are looking for a web developer (Client-side). If UX/UI, HTML, CSS, and JS aren’t just random letters for you, if you see in a Back-End Developer a potential new best friend and if you’re not scared of working under pressure, this position can be yours.
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Vacancy on Community Manager at 10digital.

Community Manager

Coimbra, Portugal
Do you have passion for writing and storytelling? Do you like coming up with new ideas and concepts? Do you feel empathy for the others? Can you handle the pressure of writing for millions of people representing a brand? Then this position can be yours.
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Vacancy on Junior Project Manager at 10digital.

Junior Project Manager

Coimbra, Portugal
Do you have a natural sense to react and start the action? Do you feel that you bring confidence to a group? Do you absolutely love to solve problems? Do you consider yourself empathetic? Do you like to set milestones and to plan the projects you are envolved on to avoid negative outcomes? We believe this position can be yours.
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Vacancy on Marketing Research Analyst at 10digital.

Marketing Research Analyst

Coimbra, Portugal
Do you like to analyse data and numbers? Do you like your time to think about stuff? Do you like to learn? Do you like to take responsibility and commit with work? Then this position can be yours!
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