Qualificação - DASCAT_

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Qualificação - DASCAT
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Core objective
Strategy development / to create facilitating instruments and provide a sustainable growth in alignment with the current socio-economic context.
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The application falls within the scope of the SME Qualification efforts, and fulfills all eligibility criteria of both the beneficiary as well as the project, expressed in the European Structural and Investment Funds Regulation (FEEI), and in the Specific Regulation for the Competitiveness and Internationalization Program (RECI).

With the current project, the company intends to raise its aptitude in terms of quality management, achieve a higher marketing quota through recognition of the software development market, and diversify its product offerings as a means to breach alternative market segments. Simultaneously, it intends to raise its competitiveness, proposing for that effect to improve its after-sales service, as well as to implement enhanced management systems with regards to documentation and access control, enabling the creation of a co-working platform between collaborators and clients.

This cofinancing allowed the team to grow largely the number of employees (2017: 11 employees; 2018: 18 employees; 2019: 28), skills and also the establishment of procedures for multidisciplinary tasks, with the acquisition of dedicated softwares for the job.

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Total eligible cost
123.467,42 EUR
Funding from the European Union
FEDER 50.968,13 EUR
FSE 7.143,44 EUR