Beirão? It's a Date! _

August 2018

Slogan for the campaign of the Agency Company 10 digital for offline and online campaign Licor Beirão: Beirão? It’s a Date!

We are in the summer of 2018 and the challenge of showing the versatility of Licor Beirão arrives at After all, Beirão goes well with everything: with friends, with various ingredients, with the day, with the evenings… That’s right: “Beirão? It’s a date!”

   The campaign 

If Beirão’s a good match for everything and everyone… It’s a date. After all, it is also the right pretext to get friends to a table.

With a simpler and more direct campaign than usual, but with a punchline with a strong double sense, we felt we could pass the versatility of Beirão Liquor. And the client agreed.

For a month, the campaign for Licor Beirão invaded the country: in ATMs, bus shelter ads, billboards (often with copies adapted to the locations and the target audience), magazines, online.

As part of the campaign, we also developed a competition that challenged participants to explain how Beirão best suited them.


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