Honda CR-V Campaign _

April - July 2018

The goal was simple. Obtain leads in order to pitch the Honda CR-V SUV.

Our work managed to attract 10k people to the landing page we developed.


The task at hand was not the easiest, but that is precisely what is here for. Honda Portugal had chosen us to the develop a digital strategy that would help them sell the current generation of Honda CR-V 1.6 diesel SUVs. This at a time when the impending successor of this model was soon to debut. Through our efforts, we managed to attract about 10k people to the landing page in just three and a half months—between mid April and the end of July of 2018. We would have liked to provide you with numbers for generated leads and cars sold, but for obvious reasons those are highly confidential.


In order to sell cars clients are needed, and for this purpose we set out to obtain email addresses and phone numbers. Not just from any person though, but rather from those that best fit the profile we were aiming for. We then selected from a multitude of potential buyers of the Honda CR-V 1.6 diesel, mostly parents and mothers with small children ranging from the age of 30 onwards, but also enthusiasts of leisure activities that would benefit from a multifunctional car.

With their contacts in hand, around 20 Honda dealers located across the mainland and islands regions, engaged these clients actively in order to convince them to test drive - or better yet - purchase the CR-V.

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   The Strategy 

We designed and created the landing page which fashionably highlighted the models attributes. Such as its pricing—just under 30k euros, its position as the world’s most sold SUV, its high-tech safely equipment and class 1 toll gate status. The landing page also featured two invitations: request a catalogue or a sales proposal, both cases requiring the user’s contact information.

However, regardless of its quality, a landing page does not live alone. The select channels for traffic generation where routed, in an initial capturing phase, through email marketing, Google (Search and Display), and Facebook (Brand Awareness, Engagement, Traffic and Leads). As a remarking strategy, we launched ads that were different from the capturing phase, incentivising people who had requested a catalogue or visited the page, and had not requested a proposal, to do so. In this phase we used Facebook (Traffic and Leads) and Google (Search and Display). Lastly, the campaign’s results were measured through Google Analytics.

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Honda Portugal Car Model CR-V Landing Page for Lead Generation Contact Form Mockup

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