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October - December 2017

Motivation of Company Agency 10 digital for the Landing Page Lead Capture of Roca: The landing page is the last digital gateway for leads to become customers.

The landing page is the last digital gateway for leads to become customers.

It is through an SEM strategy that 10.digital has been managing the Adwords campaigns for ROCA S.A., wether on the search network, Display or Remarking. Creating a landing page for a specific campaign, whose aim is to collect contacts, is also one of the elements that we here at 10.digital consider of the utmost importance for the success of these types of Digital Marketing campaigns.

Another opportunity surfaced when ROCA launched the campaign promoting their Custom Made Partitions’ catalogue. This is, through an online advertising strategy, the goal was to collect contact requests for the installation of this segment of products.

   The Strategy 

This way, it was proposed to create a Landing Page to capture these contacts. That is, as the Roca site did not provide a specific form for this campaign, 10.digital promptly created a Landing Page www.divisoriasroca.pt whose main goal was to be the page where users registered their contacts and requests for more information.


Google Display

Through this type of campaigns - Google Search and Display - whenever the target audience was impacted by the banners on the Display network, or on the Google search network ads, they were targeted to this landing page on which they could leave their name, email, phone number and city.

Results Digital Marketing Google Search Book in Loop by Company Agency 10 digital

Results Digital Marketing Google Display Book in Loop by Company Agency 10 digital

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