SEM Strategy for ROCA Portugal _

March 2017 - Present

Company Agency 10 digital’s goal for Licor Beirão’s Digital Marketing: To communicate as if we were Carranca Redondo in the 21st Century.

It is no longer just being on Google, it is how to appear on Google.

   ROCA S.A. 
Rosa’s commercial network is spread over 170 countries supplied by its 78 factories and over 22.600 workers worldwide, with a hundred years of history. In Portugal, Roca is the leading company on bathroom products and remains firmly committed to excellence and the priority to anticipate the future, giving young architects and designers the opportunity to project innovative solutions for the bathing world.

Capture and manage traffic to a specific target audience around the ROCA universe. This is, through an SEM (search engine marketing) strategy create PPC (pay per click) campaigns that allow to rouse all ROCA products categories and improve its positioning on Google Network’s result pages.

   The Strategy 

For this purpose, the Google Adwords’ platform was used (on Google Search and Google Display networks) on which several campaigns to attract traffic within the intended target audience were created.

Middle Section Digital Marketing Google Search and Google Display Book in Loop by Company Agency 10 digital

Google Search

Concerning the search network campaigns - Google Search -, these were created with the goal of controlling and monitoring a large array of keywords, based on the products and catalogue that ROCA provides and that, for confidentiality reasons, we cannot disclose.

Results Digital Marketing Google Search Book in Loop by Company Agency 10 digital

Google Display

As a way of reminding, a Remarking strategy was applied, showing specific banners on the GDN (Google Display Network - set of partner sites that provide ads spaces that can be chosen through Adwords’ platform) - to users who visited a certain product on a defined period of time.

Results Digital Marketing Google Display Book in Loop by Company Agency 10 digital

  Client Feedback_

Sónia Felgueiras Marketing Manager of Roca Portugal 10 digital’s Digital Marketing Client will be the extension of Roca’s Marketing department on the digital area.

This was the promise I was made in the beginning, and this is the promise meets! I really feel it ever since we have started working together on the online management of the Roca brand, increasing brand’s value and improving our results. They are a reliable partner and they have a sense of initiative, proposing adequate solutions to meet our marketing and sales goals, with the care of regularly presenting the results of the investment and new ideas to be more and more in the lead.

Sónia Felgueiras
Marketing Manager of Roca Portugal

Neste tipo de campanha, todos os dados são exclusivos do cliente.
Por sabermos a importância dos dados e da confidencialidade neste tipo de trabalhos, não podemos revelar os dados desta campanha.

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