This Promises: the only promises that we’re not going to fulfill _

September and October 2017

Company Agency 10 digital objective to take advantage out of the electoral period to gain notoriety in Coimbra.

We wanted to gain notoriety in Coimbra. We took advantage of the moment to create an integrated campaign between billboards, social media and a micro-site.

   The Challenge 

To affirm in Coimbra had been working in the digital marketing sector for years and clients were emerging and becoming more and more satisfied with our work. However, the notoriety in our home region wasn’t still that great. After all, it isn’t easy to gain prominence in a B2B market, isn’t it?

The problem wasn’t just that we didn’t have many clients in Coimbra. It was just that, without showing what we could do in our own city, it would be very difficult to recruit the best talent in the region.

We wanted a campaign that would position us as we are: irreverent, creative, able of taking risks and making good campaigns. Integrated. Well thought out. That help build brands. This was the briefing that came to be “This Promises”.

Section Beginning the response to the moment that originates de campaign by Company Agency 10 digital

The answer

It was 2017 and the topic of the moment was the municipal elections. Megalomaniacal promises spread in the media, all over the country. Coimbra was no exception.

That was the trigger we used to create an impactful campaign. “We’re going to be candidates for the elections and make the only promises we’ll never keep”. That’s said and done.

We created the website . In it, we put a manifesto and a generator of electoral promises that users could share on social networks.

But we didn’t stop there: we created bus shelter ads and billboards with the most suitable promises for the Coimbra region. We chose the best locations of each of the promises to adjust them to the target audience that passes in each one of the locations. We took photographs. We published on social networks…

And the campaign exploded!

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Responsive Website Developed Full Stack (Front-end and Backend Development) by the Company Agency 10 digital


The return of the campaign was immediately felt by the number of interactions that had on its social networks. By its increase of followers. For the many congratulations the team received…

In fact, in the words of’s CEO, Pedro Girão, in an interview to the portuguese publication “Briefing” at the time, “after two days, the investment was paid for (and with return)”.

The interview itself is a good example of the highlight that managed to achieve through the campaign. The complete article, in a piece about tactical communication that was the cover of the briefing, can be read here or more below in this case study.

But the most important results only came to be felt later: in the space of a year, in a recruitment event in Coimbra, went from having a spontaneous application to… more than 100 people.

That was the big and main change of the campaign. Even today, a few years later, we still receive candidates who tell us about this campaign. “I’ve loved you since that election campaign”. It’s been years.

Is there really still someone who thinks marketing doesn’t make a difference?

Facebook Post Digital Marketing Licor Beirão by Company Agency 10 digital titled When you have a guest over (Pope and Donald Trump)


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